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Cost effective Ohio health insurance solutions

Paying too much for your health benefits plan?
Take control! Manage the process to get the most out of the dollars and time you spend and the resources available to you. Position yourself, your family or your business to receive the most cost effective and broadest benefit rich plans to meet your needs and objectives. Joe helps individuals, families and small business get more for less, not pay more for less.

Helping Individuals and Families
There are dozens of insurance companies and hundreds of plans in the health insurance marketplace. Joe helps individuals and families obtain the best choices for their benefits for the lowest cost with the top insurers in Ohio with the best networks. He presents the best options for his clients to consider and helps them make good decisions for their needs and budgets. He has saved clients $1000's in premiums while increasing their benefits.

Helping Small Business
Joe believes that the small business owner doesn't receive the kind of special technical attention and recommendations advising a comprehensive management approach to their group benefits financial risk that the large plus 100 employee clients receive from the large brokers. The small business prospect is bombarded by salesmen who want to shop parts of their account. It therefore becomes fragmented, unstructured and less effective with risk for both the employer and their employees and can be fixed. He sees price as the primary objective by buyers and sellers of the commodity of health insurance. The fragmentation “holes” are overlooked. Caveat emptor!

Joe’s first duty to his client is to evaluate the current situation. He evaluates the risk, needs and objectives against the marketplace and brings to bear the best plans to meet the client needs and counsels them to help them make good choices. He provides more than best pricing from "shopping" the markets. He subscribes to a Financial Risk Management approach. Go to the "Financial Risk Management" section for more on his approach. As a licensed agent, his second duty is to see the client's choices are implemented. He has saved small group clients of 2 to 20 employees $10,000 to $60,000 each over the last year. Nine of ten accounts he prospectively meets, leave $1,000's to $10,000's in the hands of the insurance carriers when the money could be in the business’ pockets.

Financial Risk Management
Joe's responsibility is protecting his client's financial well being through cost effective products; financially stable markets; extensive provider networks; flexible leading edge plan design for the constantly changing market; avoidance of compliance failure with state laws, IRS, DOL, and insurer group contracts that could result in fines, penalties in the $10,000's and or cancellation of group benefits or compromise of benefits. By evaluating benefit utilization, visible and invisible costs, plan benefits, needs, retention and transfer of risk, or introduction of third parties; Joe is able to help his clients take a comprehensive approach to conserve capital, protect human assets, build wealth for the principals and or employees, reduce costs and expenses, improve cash flow, reduce financial consequences of mandatory compliance requirements, increase benefits, retain and or control manageable risk, and develop a flexible risk management leading edge cost effective benefit's plan.

About Joe
Joe is a "technician" not a sales person! He is a 27 year veteran of the corporate insurance industry spanning a career in claims, marketing, and underwriting and plan design. He has worked with individuals, families and small business from sole proprietors to major Fortune 500 Companies. Since leaving the corporate environment, he has founded Health Insurance Enterprises, utilizing Financial Risk Management approaches to individual and group health plans, catering to individuals and small businesses in a consultative-broker-partnership relationship with his clients saving them $1,000's to $10,000's annually in premium while improving the benefits in their plans. Joe is a member of the Agent's Advisory Counsel for Medical Mutual of Ohio.

Free Consultation
Joe has learned how to quickly determine if he can help you get more for less. Remember, he is a "technician" not a sales person. He values and understands your time is very important. If he can help, he'll tell you. If he can't, he'll tell you. Let his experience work for you. A phone call could be worth $1,000's to you or your company.

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